Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

A Brushing Routine by Pediatric Dentists in Encinitas

Parents know that it can be very difficult to keep your children in a brushing routine, especially once the kids are in school. During the school year, it becomes more important than ever to develop a brushing schedule, since you will not have access to your children during the day. Following these tips ensures that […]

Foods Recommended By a Kids Dentist in Carlsbad

As you know, certain foods can do damage to your child’s teeth, while others are considered tooth-friendly. The more you feed your child these tooth-friendly foods, the fewer cavities you can expect to see. The following foods are much better for your child than the alternative and, therefore, should be part of every child’s diet. […]

What a Kids Dentist in Encinitas Can Tell You about Soda

Do you keep an eye on what your children are drinking? While parents are rightfully concerned about alcohol and tobacco use, there is another problem that is affecting the development of our children and it is perfectly legal for them to consume. Soda, which is sold in nearly every store in the country, is marketed […]

How Much Sugar Does a Carlsbad Pediatric Dentist Recommend?

Sugar does an incredible amount of damage to children’s teeth. Unfortunately, sugar is also found in a number of foods that are specifically marketed towards children and, therefore, is something for which a Carlsbad pediatric dentist must account. Being aware of how much sugar is in certain foods can help you to reduce your child’s […]

An Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Can Prevent Tooth Decay

The problem of tooth decay in toddler and other young children is turning into an epidemic in the United States. It is believed that much of this is related to children being given bottles and sippy cups while playing or napping, along with inadequate brushing. Visiting an Encinitas pediatric dentist with your child and following […]

Kids Dentist in Encinitas Offer Tips for Removing Plaque

We, as kids dentist in Encinitas, know that plaque is not pleasant. The unsightly, unpleasant film, if left on the teeth, eventually turns to tartar and causes tooth decay. Therefore, knowing how to floss and brush the offending substance off the teeth is necessary, even if the film is coating a baby’s teeth. Dental care […]

Pediatric Dentists in Carlsbad Encourage Early Fluoride Treatments for Kids

You can’t go to the dentist and not hear the word, “fluoride,” being mentioned more than once. We, as pediatric dentist in Carlsbad, encourage treatment for our young patients beginning as early as six months. Fluoride, which is found in water and food, is applied to the surface of teeth by way of mouth rinses […]

Pediatric Dentists in Encinitas Offer Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Caries

As pediatric dentists in Encinitas, we are well-familiarized with the practices to follow for preventing caries in both infants and older children. In particular, we stress that preventative measures be taken for cavity prevention when a child is just an infant as doing so can save a parent from future emergency treatments and developmental problems […]

Pediatric Dentists in Carlsbad Discuss the Advantages of Checkups

We, as pediatric dentists in Carlsbad, are extremely devoted to the practice of regular checkups for children. Don’t delay scheduling a consultation as the more time that slips by also means you put your child’s dental development at risk. By beginning regular checkups after your child’s first birthday, you can prevent any major oral health […]

Children’s Dentist in Encinitas Discusses Use of Sealants

As a children’s dentist in Encinitas, we promote the use of sealants for children as they can prevent the need for more extensive restorations. Sealants, which were approved by the ADA in 1976, are exceptionally effective in preventing tooth decay. For instance, one research study showed that molars that had been sealed featured approximately 70 […]