Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

As pediatric dentists in Encinitas, we are well-familiarized with the practices to follow for preventing caries in both infants and older children. In particular, we stress that preventative measures be taken for cavity prevention when a child is just an infant as doing so can save a parent from future emergency treatments and developmental problems down the road.

One of the issues we often face as pediatric dentists in Encinitas is the decay that results from a child’s use of a baby bottle. Baby bottle caries form when bacteria attack surface teeth that have been exposed to liquids, such as milk and fruit juices, that remain on the teeth and break down into simple sugars.

In order to prevent the problem, we recommend that parents give their child plain water or a pacifier instead of milk or sugared liquids. Also, don’t dip the pacifier into any kind of sugary substance, including honey.

Parents should also refrain from giving their baby sugary drinks at bedtime. Again, plain water is the best liquid to give a developing child. Use a wet cloth to wipe away plaque from the gums and teeth after a child is done feeding. Avoiding sugar and keeping your child’s teeth and gums clean is necessary for his oral health and overall development.

We can help keep your child’s teeth healthy, beginning as an infant. Begin a dental program early. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 to schedule an appointment today.