Laser Dentistry

Fast, Safe, and Precise
Cutting Edge Laser

  • Pain-Free Dentistry
  • Most Procedures Performed Without Numbing
  • Effective Removal of Tooth Decay
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Reduced Swelling and Need for Medication
  • Faster Healing Time and Reduced Post Op Sensitivity
  • Precise and Smooth for Patient Comfort

Fotona Lightwalker
Our office uses the most advanced laser technology to provide many hard and soft tissue procedures often without the need of local anesthetic (numbing). The LightWalker is minimally invasive, fast, and precise to provide patient comfort. There’s no heat, vibration, or pressure from the laser that makes it pain-free!

The LightWalker is successful with soft tissue procedures, such as frenectomy. It allows for a suture free procedure, resulting in faster healing and reduced pain. The LightWalker is also successfully fast and precise in dental treatments such as cavity preps and fillings without the need of a drill or needle. It can precisely remove decay and powerfully disinfect the area without affecting the surrounding area. In result, the laser can conserve more of the natural tooth structure and leave a strong restoration to last a lifetime.

We also use the DIAGNOdent laser scan to detect any hidden or sub-surface cavities at the earliest possible stage before the decay grows. Hidden cavities are difficult to detect because it begins below the tooth’s surface and sometimes are not diagnosable until it has done extensive damage to the tooth. It is reliable, accurate, safe, and noninvasive in verifying the tooth’s structure health. Our doctors can provide preventative dental recommendations for early decay detection that can sometimes be reversible through hygiene and diet.

LightWalker Laser Procedures We Offer:

  • Frenectomy (Lip Tie or Tongue Tie)
  • Cavity Prep and Dental Fillings Without Being Numb
  • Treatment of Canker Sores and Cold Sores
  • NightLase for Sleep Apnea
  • Many Other Hard and Soft Tissue Procedures
Laser Dentistry
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