Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Fast, Safe, and Precise
Cutting Edge Laser

  • Pain-Free Dentistry
  • Most Procedures Performed Without Numbing
  • Effective Removal of Tooth Decay
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Reduced Swelling and Need for Medication
  • Faster Healing Time and Reduced Post Op Sensitivity
  • Precise and Smooth for Patient Comfort

Meet Our Laser Ninjas

Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry is committed to making your child’s visit to our office fun and pain-free. Our state of the art lasers ensure happy smiles and anxiety-free visits.

We call our lasers *Ninjas* because they are stealth cavity fighters!  

Most of our laser treatments are performed without numbing. There’s no heat, vibration, or pressure which means that procedures and recovery are a breeze. No sutures, no needles, no tears, no drooling, no fear of the dentist.  

The Fotona LIGHTWALKER and SOLEA lasers have the ability to treat a broad range of dental issues and can be used on both soft surfaces like our gums, and hard surfaces like our teeth. We use them to treat tongue and lip ties with minimal bleeding and discomfort. They can even treat canker sores and heal and prevent cold sores.

The laser beam is so precise that much less of the surrounding area is impacted during treatment when compared to traditional dental techniques. This means that your child’s decay can be removed while keeping more of the original tooth intact. Unlike traditional fillings, these treatments can last a lifetime.  

Not only can our lasers treat, they can also prevent problems before they start. With the DIAGNOdent Laser technology we can detect tiny issues before they cause damage to the tooth structure. Often, making simple changes in hygiene and nutrition can eliminate the need for reparative treatment.

LightWalker Laser Procedures We Offer:

  • Frenectomy (Lip Tie or Tongue Tie)
  • Cavity Prep and Dental Fillings Without Being Numb
  • Treatment of Canker Sores and Cold Sores
  • NightLase for Sleep Apnea
  • Many Other Hard and Soft Tissue Procedures
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