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Parents know that it can be very difficult to keep your children in a brushing routine, especially once the kids are in school. During the school year, it becomes more important than ever to develop a brushing schedule, since you will not have access to your children during the day. Following these tips ensures that your child has an oral health routine that you can trust.

In the Morning
It doesn’t really matter if you brush your child’s teeth before or after breakfast, as long as you stick with the routine. Many parents choose to brush their child’s teeth after breakfast because it removes any food particles that are leftover from the meal. If you do brush your child’s teeth after breakfast, most pediatric dentists in Encinitas recommend waiting at least half an hour, especially if the child has consumed an acidic food.

You should also include flossing as part of your child’s routine. Unfortunately, flossing takes time, so you might have to wait until later in the day for this part. Make flossing part of the child’s nightly routine to ensure that you have enough time to do it daily.

Brush at Night
Get your child to brush her teeth before she completes her homework. This prevents her from complaining about being too tire to brush her teeth right before bed. This trick is recommended by pediatric dentists in Encinitas to ensure that children brush their teeth every night before going to sleep. For more tips, or to make an appointment, call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131.