Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

As a children’s dentist in Encinitas, we promote the use of sealants for children as they can prevent the need for more extensive restorations. Sealants, which were approved by the ADA in 1976, are exceptionally effective in preventing tooth decay.

For instance, one research study showed that molars that had been sealed featured approximately 70 percent of their chewing surface after 15 years. When the teeth were not bonded, only about 17 percent of the occlusal surface was sound. Therefore, the use of sealants, whether the patient is an adult or child, is a good investment for keeping the teeth safe from decay.

Being a children’s dentist in Encinitas has enabled us to educate parents about the sealant process and how it can benefit their kids. In order for a sealant to bond with the structure of a tooth, the tooth must be cleaned. An acid is utilized to etch the teeth, which removes any debris and prepares the sealant resin for the enamel. The sealant forms a bond that prevents the bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

The process in-office does not take much time and can save you money as well as time later in paying for fillings and restorations. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us about this important aspect of your child’s dental care.

At our office, we have all the resources you will need to encourage healthy dental care for your kids now and in the future. Call us today for a consultation. Our number here at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry is 760-633-1131.