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Toothbrush Tips From the Children’s Dentist in Encinitas

Children’s Dentist in Encinitas

Are you looking for a new toothbrush for your child? This is actually a very important decision to make, as if you end up with a brush that your child doesn’t like, it could turn brushing her teeth into a real chore. At the same time, you’ll want to choose one that will get the […]

The Children’s Dentist in Encinitas and the Tooth Fairy

Children's Dentist in Encinitas

The idea of the tooth fairy is popular with children because they are rewarded for losing their baby teeth. This is actually a very healthy activity, as it promotes awareness of caring for ones teeth that, potentially, could last a lifetime in children. Before your child starts losing her teeth, explain how this is a […]

What Happens at the Children’s Dentist in Encinitas?

Before taking their children to see the children’s dentist in Encinitas, most parents have a few questions. One of the most common inquiries has to do with what actually happens at the dentist’s office. The process is actually very simple and isn’t worth being nervous about when the time comes for your child’s first appointment. […]

Does the Children’s Dentist in Encinitas Offer Sedation?

While it might not be your first choice of treatment options, there might be a time where your child requires sedation at the children’s dentist in Encinitas. In most cases, sedation is offered for the comfort and safety of your child, and so the dentist can get through the appointment without any trouble. The less […]

The Importance of Chair-side Manner for a Children’s Dentist in Encinitas

When selecting a children’s dentist in Encinitas, there are a few things that you must consider. To start, you will want to see the dentist’s credentials, to ensure that he or she has completed specialized pediatric dentistry training. Next, you will want to observe the dentist’s chair-side manner, as this goes a long way towards […]

What a Children’s Dentist in Encinitas Can Do About Dental Trauma

Having something happen to your child is every parent’s worst nightmare. This includes injuries to their teeth, as dental trauma can last a lifetime if it is not dealt with swiftly. If your child has had a dental accident, make an appointment with a children’s dentist in Encinitas immediately to minimize the damage that is […]

Children’s Dentist in Encinitas Discusses Use of Sealants

As a children’s dentist in Encinitas, we promote the use of sealants for children as they can prevent the need for more extensive restorations. Sealants, which were approved by the ADA in 1976, are exceptionally effective in preventing tooth decay. For instance, one research study showed that molars that had been sealed featured approximately 70 […]

Children’s Dentist in Encinitas Explains the Trauma Teeth Get From Grinders

Teeth grinding is a habit that can be both painful and harmful for both adults and children in Encinitas California. Often, it can go undiscovered, until something happens, like a tooth breaking. Children’s Dentist in Encinitas advises that if you discover children are frequently grinding their teeth, which is a condition called Bruxism, action should […]