Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Before taking their children to see the children’s dentist in Encinitas, most parents have a few questions. One of the most common inquiries has to do with what actually happens at the dentist’s office. The process is actually very simple and isn’t worth being nervous about when the time comes for your child’s first appointment.

The Office
As soon as your child walks into the office, he will see toys, books, and televisions. This is because your children’s dentist in Encinitas is geared towards treating kids and putting their minds at ease before the appointment. Having these activities in the office also makes it more likely that your child will look forward to the dentist visit and can create a positive relationship between the dentist and the young one.

The Appointment
Most appointments begin with routine care. During this time, the dentist will clean and floss the teeth. Other available services include x-rays, fluoride treatment, and the application of sealants. If your child has run into some dental issues, the dentist will treat these cavities or dental injuries during the visit.

Where to Go
When making an appointment, it’s always good to go with a dentist that has experience with children, such as Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry. Pediatric dentists are better able to relate to children, helping visits to go much smoother than with family dentists. Give them a call at 760-633-1131 to schedule your child’s next dentist visit and to keep her teeth looking great well into the future.