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The idea of the tooth fairy is popular with children because they are rewarded for losing their baby teeth. This is actually a very healthy activity, as it promotes awareness of caring for ones teeth that, potentially, could last a lifetime in children. Before your child starts losing her teeth, explain how this is a perfectly normal part of growing up or have your children’s dentist in Encinitas do it for you.

Origins of the Tooth Fairy
The practice of a child hiding his teeth goes well back into European history. In early Europe, children would bury their teeth when they fell out. Early Norse writings suggest that a tooth fee was paid to the child when his first tooth came out.

The modern incarnation can be traced back to 1908, when a reference was made in the Chicago Daily Tribune. The folklore has changed over the years, but the end result is always that the child receives compensation for losing her baby teeth.

What the Dentist Says
Although there is no medical reason to do so, many dentists support the idea of using the tooth fairy. By showing your child that his teeth are important enough that you will reward him when his baby teeth fall out, you can show just how vital it is that he protects his adult ones.

Your children’s dentist in Encinitas will recommend that you turn this into a teachable moment, where you focus on the fact that the adult teeth won’t grow back if they aren’t cared for.

Call the Dentist
Before your child starts losing teeth, make an appointment with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry by calling 760-633-1131. By making the dentist a part of your child’s life, you can put her on the right track at an early age.