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You can’t go to the dentist and not hear the word, “fluoride,” being mentioned more than once. We, as pediatric dentist in Carlsbad, encourage treatment for our young patients beginning as early as six months. Fluoride, which is found in water and food, is applied to the surface of teeth by way of mouth rinses and toothpastes. While fluoride rinses are available over-the-counter, you can also obtain the ingredient in higher concentrations with a prescription too.

We, as pediatric dentists in Carlsbad, are knowledgeable about the various ways that fluoride can be applied in the office setting. The protective treatment comes in the form of a varnish, foam or gel. These kinds of treatments are advised as they supply a higher concentration of the mineral than toothpastes or rinses containing the substance.

While fluoride foams are applied with mouth guards, fluoride varnishes are painted on the teeth. Gels can either be administered with a mouth guard or painted on the teeth. Foams or gels usually are left on the teeth for a couple minutes after they are applied. Fluoride, in a supplement form, can be used as a tablet or liquid. The prescription medication should only be taken on the recommendation of a pediatrician, family physician or dentist.

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