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Flossing Tips From the Encinitas Pediatric Dentist

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist

It’s never easy to get your kids to do something. From the minute they wake up to the second they fall asleep, it can be a struggle to keep them under control. Of course, your the dental health of your children is very important and, therefore, you must come up with a method of encouraging […]

3 Foods That an Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Wants Your Kids to Avoid

Pediatric Dentist in Encinitas

Whenever you make an appointment with the Encinitas pediatric dentist for your child, you can ask questions about how to prevent dental problems in your child. One of the most important questions that you can ask pertains to your child’s diet. As your child’s diet improves, you will see him develop fewer cavities and, therefore, […]

How an Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Teaches Kids to Brush

Children need help brushing their teeth to ensure that they get them completely clean. As a parent, it is a good idea to have an Encinitas pediatric dentist show you and your child the correct method, so that your child can enjoy healthy teeth well into adulthood. What to Remember Your dentist might start by […]

What Makes an Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Different

With so many different dentistry options being available, you might wonder what makes an Encinitas pediatrics dentist different from a family dentist. After all, you child doesn’t have to go to a pediatric dentist, as a family dentist will take your child’s appointments without any hassle. It is a good idea to learn about the […]

An Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Can Prevent Tooth Decay

The problem of tooth decay in toddler and other young children is turning into an epidemic in the United States. It is believed that much of this is related to children being given bottles and sippy cups while playing or napping, along with inadequate brushing. Visiting an Encinitas pediatric dentist with your child and following […]

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Offers Games that Encourage Brushing

In our Encinitas pediatric dentist office, we like to make tooth care fun for kids. If you want to get your kids to regularly brush their teeth, we can recommend a number of fun games to encourage brushing. For example, one way to get kids to brush their teeth is to involve them into a […]

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist Reviews the Trauma of Blisters and Baby Teeth

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist explains the “blisters” that often traumatize parents are actually a normal part of losing baby teeth. We feel this is completely understanding, as the blisters appear quite painful and no one wants to see their child suffering. Occasionally in Encinitas, when teeth start to come through, a child will experience some bleeding […]

Comfort and Calm for Children With Encinitas Pediatric Dentist

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist and our team try to make children comfortable by talking at first, listening to any concerns, and taking the time to explain the dental work that will be done. Here in Encinitas California, children will often lose their fears with an understanding of what is happening and why. Not to mention, parents […]