Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

In our Encinitas pediatric dentist office, we like to make tooth care fun for kids. If you want to get your kids to regularly brush their teeth, we can recommend a number of fun games to encourage brushing.

For example, one way to get kids to brush their teeth is to involve them into a competition of sorts. How about developing a scenario where your kids are fighting little sugar monsters or bugs. Give them a reward or small dental-friendly treat for their valiant act of brushing way the little monsters or bugs.

Our Encinitas pediatric dentist office advises parents to encourage brushing for at least two minutes. To promote the practice then, you might try setting an egg timer – one minute for the upper teeth and one minute for the bottom teeth. We can help you educate your children in the best way to brush. Brushing does not entail merely running the toothbrush over the teeth, it involves cleaning individual teeth as well. Therefore, we like to work with parents to ensure that their children understand the correct technique.

You might also make up a brushing song, revising the lyrics to one of your kid’s favorite songs. Children respond in varying ways, depending on their preferences. Therefore, we can intervene and help make brushing and caring for the teeth a pleasant and rewarding task.

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