Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

If there is one thing that you should expect from a kids dentist in Encinitas – apart from capability and qualifications that is–it would have to be the ability to reassure your child and put him at ease. Let’s face it: there are very few things enjoyable about the entire dental care experience, and quite a few that could be considered downright unpleasant. More than just technical know-how and qualifications therefore, it is equally important to find a dentist that can address the specific needs of your children with regard to becoming more comfortable at the dentist’s chair.

Before you go about trying to ease your child’s concerns, it might be helpful to know that the quality of the dental profession in Encinitas is generally above reproach. Most of the city’s dental care professionals have been working in the industry for many long years, some as part of a larger hospital or clinic staff, and others in their own private practices. Well-trained, highly qualified, and very competent, Encinitas’s dentists win top marks on technical ability alone.

More than just technical prowess, Encinitas dentists also bring to the table utmost dedication to their calling, and they routinely undergo periodic training, reeducation, and recertification with the goal of staying on top of their chosen field. In this manner, Encinitas dentists hope to be able to provide a full range of up-to-date dental care services to the community in which they serve.

All that would seem like good enough reason to trust in Encinitas dentists implicitly, but they have so much more to offer. Especially for a kids dentist, it is important to keep the needs and concerns of young patients in mind. Children require a unique approach that takes their every need in consideration, particularly with regard to worry, fear, pain, and discomfort. It is hardly any secret that most children are wary of the dentist’s clinic, and it is often all the parent could do to get the child to step foot in there at all. That is the tough part. The good news is that once you get your child in there, the professional and reassuring demeanor of the Encinitas dentist will take over and quickly out your child at ease.

There are many things that you can do as a parent in order to ease your child’s worries and get him used to the idea of someone in a white lab coat poking around in his mouth (and possibly causing some discomfort). Try having a talk with your child and explain the reason for the visit and what will go on in the procedure. You don’t necessarily want to sugarcoat the experience (since this tactic might backfire on you in the form of lost trust), but you definitely don’t want to scare off your child either. Instead, explain everything comfortingly and reassure him that the dentist visit is for the best. You may even join him in a game of pretend where you can take turns being the dentist and the patient.

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