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The Kids Dentist in Encinitas and Bottled Water

Kids Dentist in Encinitas

Do your children drink bottled water? For a number of reasons, many households in the United States consume bottled water, rather than tap water. While there is nothing wrong with drinking bottled water from a health perspective, you could be missing out on oral health benefits that are found in tap water all over the […]

Problems That a Kids Dentist in Encinitas Can Help

Many parents struggle with their child’s oral hygiene because kids tend to be uncooperative during this process. Some children don’t like brushing their teeth, while other insist on following an unhealthy diet. Rather than letting your child’s unwillingness to keep his teeth clean overwhelm you, speak to your kids dentist in Encinitas to receive the […]

Emergency Care at a Kids Dentist in Encinitas

While hopefully you never end up in this situation, it is a good idea to learn what to do if you are ever faced with a dental emergency. Children can often be reckless, leading to damaged, broken, or knocked out teeth from time to time. If your child damages a tooth, there are some things […]

Should a Kids Dentist in Encinitas Assess Your Child’s Diet?

Parents want their children to be as healthy as possible and much of this start with their diet. You already know that following a healthy diet is essential to your child’s overall health and this includes her teeth. Ask your kids dentist in Encinitas for advice on which foods your child should eat and which […]

What a Kids Dentist in Encinitas Can Tell You about Soda

Do you keep an eye on what your children are drinking? While parents are rightfully concerned about alcohol and tobacco use, there is another problem that is affecting the development of our children and it is perfectly legal for them to consume. Soda, which is sold in nearly every store in the country, is marketed […]

Kids Dentist in Encinitas Offer Tips for Removing Plaque

We, as kids dentist in Encinitas, know that plaque is not pleasant. The unsightly, unpleasant film, if left on the teeth, eventually turns to tartar and causes tooth decay. Therefore, knowing how to floss and brush the offending substance off the teeth is necessary, even if the film is coating a baby’s teeth. Dental care […]

Kids Dentist in Encinitas Encourages Dental Sealants to Protect Those Young Teeth

In Encinitas CA, times have changed for the dental industry. Kids Dentist in Encinitas can now get dental sealants. These are a thin, plastic coating which is placed on the chewing surfaces of the permanent molars and does wondrous things. The actual material flows and covers the grooves of the teeth, which forms a protective […]

Sharing Dental Care Responsibilities With A Kids Dentist In Encinitas

As a parent, it is often all you can do to ensure that your child’s teeth and gums develop properly. Brushing and flossing can admittedly be a chore, and you are likely to experience a great deal of difficulty in getting the proper dental care habits ingrained in your child. This is a responsibility from […]

Kids Dentist In Encinitas Ensure Your Child’s Dental Health

One of the things you will appreciate about living in Encinitas CA is the wide range of quality dental care providers in the city. Children have very specific needs with regard to their dental care, and not just any dentist will do. The good news is that the community is home to a thriving dental […]

Kids Dentist In Encinitas – Quality Dental Care And More

One thing that you can expect from a kids dentist in Encinitas is quality dental care. Encinitas CA is home to many booming industries, and the dental profession is only one of them. Here you can find dentists of various fields of specialization along with several general practitioners as well. If quality dental care is […]