When Will a Kids Dentist in Carlsbad Suggest Tooth Extractions for Your Child?

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Having a tooth pulled can be a scary experience for a child, and there are several situations when a kids dentist in Carlsbad might suggest a tooth extraction. Here at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry, our goal is to use minimally invasive procedures, in order to help your child feel as comfortable as possible.

Why a Tooth Extraction Might Be Needed

Here are several reasons why a kids dentist in Carlsbad might suggest a tooth extraction:

  • The child’s tooth is decayed, and the permanent tooth will be growing in soon. Sometimes it makes sense to pull a decayed baby tooth, in order to prevent damage to the permanent tooth underneath.
  • The tooth is broken or fractured so much that it cannot be repaired
  • The mouth is overcrowded, because there are too many teeth to fit in the small space
  • An orthodontist has made a referral to a children’s dentist, so that a few specific teeth can be pulled to accommodate for the orthodontic work that needs to be done.

Before the tooth is extracted, an x-ray will be completed in order to get a look at the tooth and the root of the tooth. This image will help the dentist to see how damaged the tooth is, so that they can decide if an extraction is needed. If the child is too nervous for the procedure, then sedation might be suggested.

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