Why Appointments with a Carlsbad Pediatric Dentist are Important

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It is recommended that children visit the dentist at least twice per year. Some children will have to visit more often because of an increased risk of tooth decay. This increased risk is usually due to poor oral hygiene practices or unusually growth patterns in the teeth. A Carlsbad pediatric dentist will diagnose these risk factors and make appointment recommendations based on your child’s oral heath.

Teeth Cleanings
Most children visit a Carlsbad pediatric dentist to have their teeth cleaned. These cleanings are more thorough than brushing the child’s teeth because they remove any debris that has built up on them. They also apply a fluoride treatment that strengthens the child’s teeth and prevents cavities from forming. By preventing tooth decay in your child, you can limit the dental problems that he will experience in the future.

Additional Treatments
In some cases, the child might require additional treatments to improve her dental health. For example, some children with weakened enamel might need additional fluoride treatment. Other children could need sealants on their teeth to prevent tooth decay. The dentist could even recommend dietary changes if the child’s teeth are decaying because of too much sugar. It is important that you make regular appointments because your child’s needs are constantly changing and your dentist must be able to keep up with these changes.

Why Twice Per Year
Visiting the dentist once every six months ensures that the dentist can identify oral health issues and treat them immediately. Therefore, try to make an appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist like the people at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at least twice per year by calling 760-633-1131. Being proactive could save your child from some more serious issues in the future.