Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

When your child gets a toothache, the first thing that any of the pediatric dentists in Encinitas will do is attempt to find the cause. Once the cause has been discovered, the treatment is usually pretty straightforward. Bring your child to see the dentist quickly to have this toothache taken care of.

Damaged Tooth
One of the most likely culprits is a damaged tooth. Kids often hurt their teeth while playing. The dentist will have a look at the problem and fix it based on its severity.

Tooth Decay
Another common source of oral pain is tooth decay. In these situations, pediatric dentists in Encinitas apply a filling to the tooth to stop the cavity from spreading.

Gum Infection
If your child ends up with infected gums, the dentist could prescribe antibiotics. A special mouthwash could also be given to the child, depending on his age.

Abscessed Tooth
An abscessed tooth is when an infection makes its way into the pulp of the tooth. This can be treated through antibiotics and a drainage. In more severe cases, a root canal or a tooth extraction might become necessary.

When your child chronically grinds her teeth, it is called bruxism. Dentists will often recommend that the child wear a dental guard until the grinding and clenching comes to a halt.

Getting Help
If you believe that your child is suffering from any of these conditions, contact Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry by calling 760-633-1131. The sooner you get your child in to see the dentist, the sooner he will be pain free.