Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Once your child is about three years of age, you can start using small amounts of toothpaste on his teeth. A tiny glob is all that is needed to effectively clean your child’s teeth. Keep in mind that you child should be old enough to spit the toothpaste out before using it, as you wouldn’t want him to ingest large amounts of fluoride.

What to Use
Always look for a toothpaste that has been recommended by the American Dental Association. All pediatric dentists in Carlsbad agree that having the ADA logo on the tube and box means that the toothpaste is safe to use. You might also want to look for a toothpaste that is 100% natural because this means that it doesn’t contain any dyes or preservatives.

Fluoride in Toothpaste
As was mentioned before, you don’t want your child to ingest large amounts of toothpaste. Therefore, it is best to go with an option that doesn’t contain fluoride if the child refuses to spit it out. Remember, however, that fluoride is beneficial to your child’s teeth, as it helps strengthen enamel, which can fight cavities. For this reason, pediatric dentists in Carlsbad recommend switching to a toothpaste that does contain fluoride as soon as possible.

Taking a Trip to the Dentists
No matter what type of toothpaste you use on your child, regular dentist appointments are important. You can book an appointment with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry by calling 760-633-1131 and put our child on the right oral hygiene track for the future.