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Sports drinks are becoming increasingly popular with young people because of their youthful advertising campaigns. These campaigns tend to portray these products as being more beneficial than water, since they fuel the body in addition to providing hydration. The truth, however, is that sports drinks are full of sugar that can damage your child’s teeth and lead to other health problems if consumed regularly.

What These Drinks Do
The main issue with sports drinks is the sugar content. Since they have so much sugar, consuming them regularly can dissolve the tooth enamel and cause cavities. This is true even if your child has fluoride-rich enamel, as these drinks have erosive properties. Because of this, your dentist for kids in Carlsbad might recommend that your child stay away from these drinks entirely or, at the very least, reduce his consumption.

Parental Recommendations
As a parent, you should discourage the consumption of sports drinks for your child. Try to convince your child to hydrate with water instead. If this isn’t possible, encourage your child to swallow the product immediately, reduce the frequency with which she consumes these drinks, and alternate between sips of water and sports drinks while participating in sports. You can also ask your dentist for kids in Carlsbad about any dentist recommended sports drinks on the market.

Going to the Dentist
Whether your child consumes sports drinks or not, making regular visits to the dentist is important. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 to make an appointment and receive some recommendations about what you can do to improve your child’s dental health.