Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

The Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad often discusses children’s snack concerns with concerned parents. Realistically, most of us know candy is not always the best choice for a snack. Though, many parents struggle with decision for after-school snacks that can be beneficial for young teeth. Children might pick the sugary snack that comes in colorful packaging in most cases, but choices exist in Carlsbad California that are much better for a child’s teeth.

Going with natural foods are best for children’s teeth, and their overall health. Consider things like whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Celery, carrot or apple sticks can be great and parents can make if more exciting by letting kids dip it into all-natural peanut butter or another tasty natural dip.
Avoid packaged snacks that contain high level of sugars. These snacks tend to be unhealthy, partially because they stick to the surface of the teeth, which is even worse with braces or retainers. Some foods appear to be healthy, like granola bars, but can actually be loaded with hidden sugars. Sugar is also found in high concentrations within dried fruit, honey, and syrups.

Drinks can be a murky area. Fruit juices are assumed to be an acceptable beverage, but in reality, many of them are loaded with High Fructose corn syrup and excessive sugar. Water and low-fat milk are the most beneficial drinks for a child.

Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad suggests an apple a day as a great snack to keep teeth healthy. Here in Carlsbad California, there is no limit to great fruits and healthy snacks. Parents feeling challenged finding healthy likable snacks are encouraged to contact us with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131, to get a few suggestions.