A Typical Visit To A Carlsbad Pediatric Dentist

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Congratulations on your decision to take your child to his first visit to a Carlsbad pediatric dentist! Proper dental care should begin at an early age, and taking your child in to see a dentist is one of the best things that you could possibly do to ensure his future health!

Like many parents, you are probably experiencing a feeling of excitement mixed with just a little bit of apprehension. Taking your child to see a dentist is a big step to be sure, but perhaps knowing what the procedure will involve will make the transition easier for you and your child.

Because it will be your first visit, the Carlsbad pediatric dentist will pay particular attention to your child’s overall oral health. He will probably ask about any dental care routines you perform at home and any specific concerns that you may have. The dentist will also perform a thorough examination and determine the existence and severity of any dental issues. The dentist may then recommend a course of treatment and dental care and maintenance regimen that you and your child should follow.

In some cases, the dentist may perform a routine teeth cleaning procedure on your child. This is especially important if your child’s teeth have existing stains on them. Fluoride treatments may also be given to your child if the condition of his teeth or genetic predisposition makes him likely to develop cavities.

At Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry, we make very attempt to make your child’s dentist visit as pleasant as possible. Call us today at 760-633-1131 and get your child on the road to good dental health!