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Many parents love to hear advice and tips from pediatric dentists in Carlsbad about things that can be done in order to help their child have good dental health. As a parent, you know the importance of teaching your child healthy dental habits, but it can be difficult to be consistent with those habits. Sometimes life gets busy, so how do you instill these lessons into your children so that they maintain good dental health throughout their life?

Here are a few things that you can do to make it easier to help your child have good dental health:

Make it a Family Activity

Young children like to mimic their parents, which means that one of the most effective ways to get them to brush their teeth is to let them see you brushing your teeth. Each morning and night, go into the bathroom together and pull out your toothbrushes. Let the child see you as you floss and brush, and allow them to practice with their own toothbrush at the same time. If the child is young, then you will need to help them brush after you are done with your own teeth, in order to make sure that all of their teeth were cleaned well.

Create a Reward System

Children get excited over small things, such as putting a stick on a chart every time they brush their teeth. Make a simple chart that can be hung on the mirror, and each time they brush their teeth help them to put a sticker on the chart. You might consider offering a toy or a prize after the chart is full. Be sure that the prize is not candy or sweet treats though, because feeding them the sugar will have a negative impact on their dental health.

Use the Right Tools

It makes a big difference to have the right tooth brushing tools to use with your child. For example, if the toothbrush is too big, it can cause their mouth to hurt because they can’t open wide enough to reach the back teeth. Pay attention to the bristle softness, because tough bristles can irritate their gums.
You might also consider the “fun factor” of the toothbrush and toothpaste. Take your child to the store so that they can pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste, and they will be more excited about brushing their teeth. There are many toothbrushes and other dental care items with popular cartoon characters or other fun graphics that children enjoy.

Maintain a Positive Environment

One of the most important tips that pediatric dentists in Carlsbad would share with a parent, is the fact that parents should talk about dental care in a positive manner. If a parent is complaining and saying negative things about the dentist, then their child will pick up on the same attitude and get nervous about their dental visit.

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