Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

It’s nearly possible to eliminate sugar from your child’s diet completely. Even if you prevent them from eating things like cookies and cakes, you will soon notice that there is added sugar in nearly everything. In fact, it estimated that over 80% of the items sold in grocery stores contain some type of added sugar. Since sugar causes cavities, these findings are particularly worrisome for the dentist for kids in Carlsbad and parents alike.

Sugar and Tooth Problems
The main concern for dentists is that added sugar contributes to the presence of cavities. The bacteria that causes plaque uses sugar as a fuel source. The more sugar your child eats, the faster plaque is able to expand in his mouth. If over 80% of the items that your child is eating contain sugar, you can see why this is a problem.

What You Can Do
For starters, you can help this issue by taking your children to see the dentist for kids in Carlsbad at regular intervals. The deep cleaning that a dentist provides can help eliminate plaque. Secondly, make sure that your children brush their teeth at least twice per day and floss daily. Finally, try to limit the amount of sugar that your child consumes. It might be difficult, but even small reductions can help.

Getting Professional Help
Take your child to see the great people at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry for all of her dental needs. Their services can help your child to avoid cavities, despite the amount of added sugar in her diet. You can reach them by calling 760-633-1131.