Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

It’s incredibly easy for your child to end up with a serious dental injury. Many of these injuries occur at the playground, as children climb and play on the equipment there. You can prevent these injuries from occurring by following a few tips beforehand, however, so make sure that you can these precautions. It is also a good idea to see a Carlsbad pediatric dentist immediately if an injury does occur.

Inspect the Playground
Before your child sets foot on the play equipment, check it out yourself. Broken or rusty equipment should be avoided because it increases the risk of your child being injured. If you do come across some unsafe equipment, report it to whomever is responsible for maintaining the playground. Wet equipment is also dangerous, so prevent your child from using it right after a rainfall.

Remember the Clothing
What your child wears while at the playground has a major affect on how safe she is. Loose clothing like a dress is particularly dangerous because it can get caught on the equipment or cause the child to fall. Things like open-toed shoes and untied shoelaces are also dangerous because they lead to falls and, therefore, could lead to an emergency visit to the Carlsbad pediatric dentist.

Making an Appointment
Should your child fall and hurt one of his teeth, your best bet is to get him to see a dentist right away. Try calling Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131, as they have years of experience dealing with dental injuries and can help your child in a hurry.