Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Major dental work can be a very stressful experience for a young child, and sometimes the child doesn’t want to cooperate during the appointment because they are fearful of the tools and equipment that is being used on their mouth. When visiting with us, your Carlsbad pediatric dentist, it is a good idea to talk with them about sedation options that are available if your child will be undergoing a big dental procedure.

One of the major advantages of sedation is the fact that the child is not as stressed during the procedure, so they won’t have the bad memories associated with the time that the procedure was being completed. Another reason sedation might be a good option is because it can be difficult to get a young child to hold still when they are awake during the dental procedure. If the child starts to move during the treatment, it can cause possible complications as a result.

So, sedating the child will allow the Carlsbad pediatric dentist to do their job more effectively and efficiently, and the sedation will also ease the stress and anxiety that the child is feeling about visiting the dentist’s office to have their tooth repaired.

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