Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Sometimes, the need arises for a child to visit our Carlsbad pediatric dentist office in order to have tooth extractions. Most of the time, the dentist avoids invasive procedures if they are not needed, but there are certain situations where tooth extractions may be beneficial for a child.

One reason a tooth extraction may be necessary is if the baby tooth is decayed and causing problems with the permanent tooth beneath. It is best to do everything possible in order to preserve the integrity of the permanent tooth, which means that it might be good to extract a baby tooth and allow the permanent tooth to grow in without the decayed tooth in the way.

Another reason why a tooth extraction may be needed in a Carlsbad pediatric dentist office is because of crowding problems within the mouth. If the child’s mouth is too small, the teeth may be too crowded or cramped and it can cause problems as the permanent teeth begin to grow in.

The qualified dentists at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry will be able to assess the situation in order to determine if a tooth extraction is right for your child. There are other reasons that may occur resulting in the need for a tooth extraction, and the dentist can explain the situation and help you to understand the best treatment for your child.

If your child is having problems with their teeth please get in touch with us at 760-633-1131