Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can be frightening for many children, especially those who don’t know how the process works. This fear of the unknown can create anxiety and lead to children wanting to avoid the dentist. This, of course, is not a good idea because children who don’t visit the dentist can run into oral health problems. Luckily, encouraging your children to ask a few questions can help to put their minds at ease.

Will it Hurt?
This is the most common question that children ask because they have heard that the dentist is painful. The truth is that a dentist for kids in Encinitas will have access to child-safe medication that is sure to keep the entire procedure pain free.

It is Scary?
While going to the dentist might seem scary at first, there is nothing to be frightened of. Your dentist for kids in Encinitas will likely show your child how all of the instruments work before beginning, which can help to eliminate some of the fear of the strange noises that they make.

Will I Be Bored?
The dentist’s office is anything but boring, as most have games, toys, and televisions in the waiting room. If all goes according to plan, your child might actually look forward to her next dental appointment because of the toys that are found at the office.

Booking a Visit
Make sure that you go with a pediatric dentist when trying to create the best possible experience for your child. Call 760-633-1131 to set up an appointment with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry and receive outstanding results every time you take your child to the dentist.