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The inner core of a tooth is referred to as the pulp. This pulp is full of blood vessels, nerves, cells, and connective tissues. Going through with a pulp treatment can help save a tooth, since it is necessary for the tooth’s overall health. Therefore, a Carlsbad pediatric dentist might recommend pulp therapy if cavities or trauma have caused damage to a tooth. There are two different types of pulp therapy that your dentist will choose between based on the state of the tooth.

A Pulpotomy
The simplest types of pulp treatment is called a pulpotomy. In this situation, the Carlsbad pediatric dentist will remove the damaged portion of the pulp and place a crown over top of it. This is only possible when the damaged pulp sits in the crown of the tooth. An agent is also placed on the tooth to prevent bacteria from forming.

A Pulpectomy
If the entire pulp is damaged, a pulpectomy might become necessary. During this treatment, the entire pulp is removed from the crown and root of the tooth. The root canal is then disinfected and filled with a resorbable material, if the damage is done to a baby tooth. A more permanent solution is applied if the damage has been done to an adult tooth.

Going to the Dentist
When your child is experiencing dental pain, it is essential that you find the necessary treatment immediately. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 to set up an appointment for pulp therapy right away. That way, the problem can be fixed before it caused further damage to your child’s teeth.