Planning for Your Visit to a Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

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You may be surprised to hear that a visit to our dentist for kids in Carlsbad is different than any other dental appointment that you have been to. We understand that kids can get nervous when they visit the dentist, so we have created our office to be a fun environment where your child can feel comfortable.

As a parent, there are a few things that you can do to help your child prepare for their first visit with our dentist for kids in Carlsbad. Some parents like to bring their child to our office in advance, so that the child can see the office and knows what to expect when they come for their appointment. Additionally, you can talk with your child and tell them about the fun games that they will be playing with their teeth. Use terms that they can understand, such as how the dentist will be counting their teeth, tickling their gums, and spraying their teeth with a little water gun.

Most importantly, it is a good idea to only talk in positive terms with your child about visiting the dentist. If they hear you talk negatively about dental visits, then they will be scared. We want to help your child feel comfortable and happy when they visit the dentist, call us today at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry: (760) 633-1131