Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Many times a regular visit to the dentist is called a “checkup” or a “cleaning,” and parents don’t often realize the importance of these seemingly simple appointments. But, if you talk with pediatric dentists in Encinitas, such as Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry, you will quickly see that there are many reasons why a regular cleaning can be beneficial for your child.

Removing Tartar and Plaque
During the cleaning portion of the appointment, the hygienist will remove the harmful tartar and plaque that builds up on the teeth. This buildup occurs above the gum line and below the gum line, and it is important to have a professional help with the cleaning in order to get rid of all of the buildup.

Usually the cleaning portion of the appointment will involve dental tools to scrape away the buildup, flossing to get between the teeth, and a cleaning tool that will brush the teeth. After the appointment, your child’s teeth will be sparkly clean!

Early Detection
One of the advantages to regular visits with pediatric dentists in Encinitas is the fact that the dentist can look for early signs of dental problems, such as gum disease and cavities. With this early detection, treatments can be used in order to avoid potential future threats. Sometimes these early detection signs will show other signs of health problems, which might be beyond the scope of oral disease.

The best approach for good dental health is to prevent the dental problems from occurring in the first place, and regular visits to pediatric dentists in Encinitas can help your child to understand the importance of their daily dental habits. The staff of our dental office will teach your child about the possible consequences that can occur when dental health is neglected, and we will encourage your child to have good dental health by brushing and flossing every day.

When the child is visiting the dentist on a regular basis, then they will get more opportunities to learn about how important their dental health is. Additionally, they will become more familiar with the dental office, and they will begin to see that visiting the dentist can be a positive experience, especially when they are maintaining good dental health.

Establishing Good Habits
Regular dental visits will help your child to establish better dental habits, and those habits can carry into the rest of their life. When a child learns about dental care and good oral hygiene, then they will be more likely to continue with good oral health practices into adulthood. When your child is young, these dental visits are literally shaping their view about dental health, and their experiences can have a strong impact on the decisions that they make throughout the rest of their life.

Don’t delay scheduling a dental appointment for your child, because they will be able to benefit from regular checkups with a pediatric dentist. You can call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry to schedule an appointment, we would love to help your child learn more about good dental health: (760) 633-1131