Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Often times, we think of gum disease as something that only adults have to worry about, but this is simply not the case. Children and adolescents are also at risk of developing gingivitis, which can turn into periodontal disease if it is not treated. Making regular appointments with a pediatric dentist in Encinitas is the best way to prevent the formation of gingivitis or treat it after it does develop.

Genetic Factors
One thing to consider regarding the risk of developing gum disease is the child’s genes. When a parent has gum disease, the child is at a higher risk of developing it as well. If both parents have it, the child has a very good chance of getting gingivitis. Therefore, if you or your spouse has had periodontal health problems, it is extremely important that you take your child to a pediatric dentist in Encinitas at regular intervals.

Hormonal Changes
As the child ages, the risk of developing gum disease increases because of the hormonal changes that she is experiencing. Hormones create an increase in blood circulation to the child’s gums, which makes them more sensitive to bacteria. Teenagers also tend to get lazy with their dental hygiene and this magnifies the problem. This means that teenagers should visit the dentist often because proper cleanings can alleviate these issues.

Dental Care
The best way to prevent the development of gum disease is to teach proper dental hygiene at a young age. Taking your child to the dentist also helps a great deal and is highly recommended. Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry is a pediatric dentist’s office that knows all about a child’s dental needs. You can make an appointment by calling them at 760-633-1131.