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Your child probably loves candy, but you, as a parent, know that it is your duty to limit how much he consumes. Not only is candy bad for your child’s teeth, but it is also full of empty calories that don’t do any good for the child’s development. Unfortunately, your child will eat candy throughout his life, so it is up to you to identify the least harmful options and encourage your child to eat them when he insists on having something sweet.

Not as Bad For the Teeth
Dark chocolate is perhaps the easiest candy on your child’s teeth. This product also has some antioxidants that are good for your child’s health. These antioxidants can lower your child’s cholesterol, while helping to maintain his blood pressure. While your pediatric dentist in Carlsbad wouldn’t recommend giving your child chocolate at every meal, it is probably the least harmful option.

Bad For Teeth
Other candies are very bad for your child’s teeth, starting with chewy candy. Not only is this candy full of sugar, but it also sticks to the teeth and causes cavities. If your child eats a great deal of chewy, sours, or sugary candy, you can expect that her next visit to the pediatric dentist in Carlsbad won’t be a good one.

Dentist Appointments
No matter how much candy your child eats, regular dentist visits are necessary. Going for a cleaning and fluoride treatment can help to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. You can make an appointment by calling Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 today.