Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Even though a dentist visit isn’t often considered “fun” for most people, our office is unique because we have created an environment where your child can play and have a good time. When they visit our children’s dentist in Carlsbad, the child will see fun activities from the moment they walk in the door. Our waiting room has a section of games and toys for the child to enjoy while they are waiting for their appointment.

In regular dentists offices, walking back to the treatment room can be intimidating for a child because they see the dental equipment which may cause them to feel nervous. But, in our office, we try to keep the equipment out of sight as much as possible, so that your child can continue to feel at ease when the appointment begins.

Our staff is trained to treat your child with positive reinforcement and to play games with the dental treatments that the child is receiving. For example, when visiting our children’s dentist in Carlsbad the child won’t hear about scary dental tools, instead we will talk with them about the water gun that sprays their teeth, gum tickling to clean their teeth, and Mr. Thirsty who wants to suck up the water.

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