Emergency Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

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Emergency Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

Usually, a visit to a dentist for kids in Carlsbad, such as Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry, is a planned even to have a cleaning or dental treatment completed. But, there are times when a situation may arise that needs emergency dental treatment because your child has been injured or an unexpected dental need arises.

If a dental emergency occurs, it is best to respond as quickly as possible in order to get treatment for the injury. Fast treatment is needed if the injury damaged a permanent tooth, and a prompt response might be the difference in whether or not the tooth can be saved. Call us immediately if there is any question about whether or not you child needs to visit a dentist for kids in Carlsbad, and we can discuss the situation over the phone before you come for the emergency visit.

Some of the most common causes of dental emergencies stem from some type of an accident, such as a sports injury to the face, falling off a bike, jumping on the trampoline, or even just tripping while the child was walking or running.

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