Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Having somewhat a fear of the dentist is not uncommon in adults, so it is quite reasonable that children can be afraid as well. The Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad wants to ease those fears and help make visits more comfortable for your child. Here in sunny Carlsbad CA, there are quite a few ways we can put their minds at ease.

Our first challenge is understanding what causes dental fear. Kids look to their parents for clues as to how to feel about new situations. We might not even realize it, but we may be affecting our children’s feelings by showing our own fears. However, kids can be naturally nervous about visiting a doctor or dentist, since having someone poke around with instruments and the sound of that noisy drill can be pretty disturbing.

It is perfectly rational for both children and adults to feel some discomfort before a dentist visit. On a positive note, there are several things we, as parents can do to rectify that and develop a level of comfort, such as:

  • Converse with our children before the visit, with limited details, but try to answer their questions.
  • NEVER share unpleasant experiences regarding the dentist.
  • Avoid discussing the possibility that something will be painful or will hurt.
  • Stress the importance of having healthy teeth and gums.
  • The Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad suggests letting the first visit be a tour of the office and meet the dentist, before and complete a full visit. In Carlsbad CA, this can help to create a relationship between the child and dentist. We with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131, do our best to put our patients at ease.