Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Kid don’t often appreciate getting braces, but they are only a temporary tool used to correct dental issues in Carlsbad CA. It is important that kids understand that their oral hygiene is even more important while wearing braces. Unfortunately, braces create small nooks and crannies that allow food deposits, which can cause more dental issues. The Kids Dentist in Carlsbad stresses brushing and flossing while you are wearing braces. We are providing some tips and tricks to keep that smile sunny while wearing braces.

Kids should be brushing after every meal and using a floss threader at least once a day to clean between the braces and wires. If kids aren’t able to brush after a meal, they should rinse vigorously with water. Missing a brush is ok as long as it is not at night. Kids should always brush and rinse well at night so no food is left in the teeth overnight.

Kids Dentist in Carlsbad suggests avoiding sweets, sodas, sugary and starchy foods when wearing braces. Sticky and chewy foods that can stick to braces and wires can be very difficult to completely remove in Carlsbad CA. Hard foods like nuts and such can break the thin wires for braces and loosen brackets. Crunchy veggies and fruits can be eaten more easily by cutting them into bite sized chunks before eating. If issues arise with loose wires, detached brackets or stuck food causing difficulties, the professionals with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131, will be happy to help put a smile back on your face.