Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Although your child might try to avoid trips to the dentist, they can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. For starters, they teach oral hygiene skills that will last a lifetime for your child. Secondly, the dentist can treat any ailments that your child has to prevent them from getting worse in the future. A dentist for kids in Encinitas can also create an environment that you child will not dread, making it less stressful to get them into the office in the first place.

Kid-Friendly Terminology
Some words that are thrown around at a dentist office can invoke fear in children. The second a child hears the word drill or shot, he could get scared. A dentist for kids in Encinitas is more likely to be aware of these fears than a family dentist is and will use alternate words while in the presence of children. For example, the children’s dentist might says tooth cleaner instead or drill or medicine instead of shot. By softening the terminology that is used, experienced children’s dentists can alleviate much of the anxiety that a trip to the dentist can cause.

Fun Environment
Having a less stuffy and more child-friendly environment can also help, since it makes the child feel at home. In many cases, dentist offices are quiet places with a few chairs, some magazines and maybe a couple of toys. This is not a welcoming site for a child and can create anxiety. By having more toys and child-focused activities in the waiting room, a dentist can create an environment in which children feel comfortable.

Preparing for the Dentist
Before taking your child to the dentist, it is a good idea to prepare him as much as possible. Tell him what will happen in the office or do some pretend visits to the office when playing at home. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 to book an appointment or for more information on what you can do to prepare your child for these first visits.