Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

A child with special needs can benefit from visiting a kids dentist in Carlsbad, because a pediatric dental office offers a different environment and experience which can help them feel at ease during the appointment. Many children with special needs can feel stressed and uncomfortable if they don’t understand what is going on during the dental appointment, but the problem is that sometimes they don’t have the mental capability to be able to know that they need to sit still for the dental treatments.

Sedation Options are Available

Even though sedation isn’t the right solution for every dental treatment, it can be a nice option to have for children with special needs. If you are concerned about the procedure, then it is a good idea to talk with the dentist and the office staff in order to determine if sedation will be beneficial for your child.

One of the biggest benefits to sedation is the fact that the child will be completely still during the treatment, which means that the dentist can perform the work more effectively. In comparison, if the child is awake during the procedure, then it is possible that they might move while the dentist is working, which can cause damage and injury to the child. Dental work requires precision and a steady hand, and it’s difficult for a dentist to perform the treatment if the child won’t hold still. Sometimes, the child is completely uncooperative, and won’t open their mouth for the treatment.

In these situations, sedation can be a valuable tool, because the dentist can quickly complete the treatment without concern about the child’s behavior. The situation is easier for the dentist, and it also makes it easier for the child and the parents as well.

Fun Environment

Children love to have fun, so when you choose a kids dentist in Carlsbad you will see that there are unique elements of the office that make it the perfect environment for a child with special needs. Our office provides games, toys and movies to enjoy. The walls are decorated with fun colors, and every element in the office has been considered in order to make the environment warm and welcoming.

When your child sits down in the dental chair, they won’t see dental equipment all over the room. Most dental offices keep the equipment out in plain sight so that it is easily accessible, but our office works to keep everything out of sight as much as possible. The equipment is brought out as much as possible, and we have found that keeping the unnecessary equipment away from young eyes helps them to feel less scared about the experience.

These small changes in the office can make a big difference for your child. Over the years, we have developed an environment that is tailored for children, and you will see that the dental appointment is a unique experience compared with visiting a regular dentist.

Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry wants to help your child have a positive experience at their dental appointment. We welcome children with special needs, call us today to schedule an appointment: (760) 633-1131