Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

If your child is involved in a sport, there is always the chance of injury occurring. Even in non-contact sports, kids run into each other and it doesn’t take much for damage to be done to the child’s teeth. Luckily, your children’s dentist in Carlsbad can recommend some injury prevention techniques that give your child a better chance of avoiding problems while participating in sports.

Helmets and Mouth Guards
In sports where contact is necessary, helmets and mouth guards are mandatory. Make sure that your child’s helmet fits properly, as it won’t work properly otherwise. A custom mouth guard protects the teeth, jaw, and tongue from serious injury as well.

Practice Technique
Most injuries occur on the sports field when at least one participant doesn’t know what he is doing. You can prevent this from happening to your child by making sure that he understands the rules and techniques involved in the sport before ever playing. Of course, kids will have all different levels of skills, but knowing how to tackle properly in football, for example, can prevent injuries and visit to the children’s dentist in Carlsbad.

How to Handle an Emergency
There are times when your child will get hurt while playing. If this happens to be a mouth injury, give Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry a call at 760-633-1131 and they will get your child in as soon as possible to have a look. In the meantime, try to keep the swelling down with ice and do everything possible to keep your child calm throughout this process.