Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

As a parent of a young infant, you know that teething time can be difficult for both the baby and parents. Since the child is uncomfortable, parents worry about the things that they can do to help their child be soothed during this painful time. Here at Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry, we are experience with dental conditions throughout childhood. Here are a few tips from our experienced children’s dentist in Carlsbad, to help you know help to help your child:

  • The baby’s gums are very tender, and they can be relieved by chewing on a toy or teething ring.
  • Wash the baby’s chew toys frequently, to avoid infection on the tender gums as the teeth are emerging.
  • Sometimes, it can be helpful to put your finger in their mouth and gently rub the gums with the pad of your fingertip. Be careful to avoid hurting them with your fingernail.
  • Use a cool, wet washcloth to wipe down the gums and soothe the inflammation
  • Use a gel chew toy that can be stored in the fridge or freezer, so that the baby has a cool item to chew on
  • In some situations, children’s Tylenol might be beneficial to help relieve the pain. Talk with your children’s dentist in Carlsbad to determine if Tylenol is the right treatment for your child.

Once your baby has teeth, it is a good idea to bring them in for regular dental checkups. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry to schedule an appointment: (760) 633-1131