Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Have you ever heard of a child that gets excited about visiting a dental office? The world of pediatric dentistry is changing, and as a result parents are finding that their kids don’t fight them every time it is time to go to a dental appointment. The trick to making your child excited about visiting a dental office, is to find the right kids dentist in Carlsbad, such as Carlsbad Children’s dentistry.

Why a Kids Dentist is Unique

There are several things about a pediatric dental office that will stand out from a regular dentist office. First of all, the office is decorated and designed with kids in mind. The walls are painted with fun colors, there are colorful pictures on the wall, and every room has something to entertain the child.

At our pediatric dental office, we have different activities to meet the varying age range of children that visit our office. For example, young kids will have fun watching cartoons on their personal TV while they are sitting in the dental chair, and at the same time an older child might be entertaining themselves by playing a handheld video game while they are waiting for the dentist. Our goal is to make sure that every child has a good experience, and we cater our office to serve children between the ages of infant and 18.

Dental Care Can Be Fun

Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we look for ways to have fun while we are teaching children about dental care. Sometimes dentists offices can be too serious when the staff is discussing the procedures with the patient. But, instead of causing the child to feel frightened by the talk, we strive to make each child feel comfortable by using fun language and nicknames for the dental equipment.

As an example, when the tool is being used to spray water to rinse their mouth, it is referred to as the “water gun.” And after their mouth has been sprayed, then “Mr. Thirsty” comes along to drink up the water from their mouth. These fun terms make the child feel at ease, and the treatment can be explained in terms that they will understand.

Additionally, the staff at our dental office is trained to speak with each child using positive reinforcement. It is a positive, happy environment, and the children are often well-behaved when positive reinforcement is being used. We understand that each experience with a kids dentist in Carlsbad can shape the child’s opinion of the dentist, and our goal is to make sure that the child has a good experience so that they will continue to maintain good dental health throughout their life. These positive habits start when children are young, which is why it is important to reinforce the behavior to shape their opinion of the dentist.

Help your child to see that it can be fun to visit the dentist. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry to schedule an appointment at: (760) 633-1131