Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Visiting our Carlsbad pediatric dentist office can be a pleasant experience for your child, because the office is designed specifically with children in mind. Dental services are offered in a fun, unique environment with toys and TV shows for the kids. The office is designed in a way to hide the appearance of dental equipment in each of the rooms, in order to help the child feel at ease.

If dental needs arise, the office is capable of handling the procedure, including: cleaning, extractions, fillings, pulp treatments, space maintainers, crowns, and esthetic work. Also, pediatric sedation is available, which puts the child to sleep during the procedure in order to avoid causing the child to feel stressed or anxious during the procedure.

A Carlsbad pediatric dentist office like us focus on positive reinforcement with the children, and has the experience to use explanations and descriptions that each child can understand. Recommendations are made based on the age of each child, in order to prevent dental problems in the future, and the child is put at ease because each procedure is administered in a way that is as non-invasive as possible. Treatments always consider the age of the child, as well as behavioral aspects that may need to be considered.

Choose Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry for a positive experience for your child: 760-633-1131