Bottles, Sippy Cups and a Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad

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As your child ages, you will no doubt attempt to wean her away from breastfeeding and transition to a bottle and, later, a sippy cup. You must remember, however, that prolonged use of these items can lead to dental problems in the future for your child. As a result, your children’s dentist in Carlsbad might recommend that you cease usage of bottles and sippy cups at a certain age, to prevent damage to your child’s teeth.

Bottle Tooth Decay
One of the largest dental problems facing young people today comes from bottle usage. In most cases, these issues arise because parents put sweet liquids into the bottles, which exposes the child’s teeth to sugar for long periods. Even things like breast milk and formula contain sugar and can do damage to the child’s teeth. Therefore, when putting your child to sleep for the night or for a nap, dentists recommend filling the bottle with water, as this can prevent rapid tooth decay in your child.

Sippy Cups
Generally, sippy cups are used to transition the child from taking a bottle to drinking out of a regular glass. The problem, however, is that many children have unlimited access to sippy cups that contains sugary drinks all day long. Speak to a children’s dentist in Carlsbad about using a sippy cup beyond the child’s first birthday, since this practice is not good for the child’s teeth, unless the cup only contains water. You can still give the child a sippy cup during meals, but try to stick to water at other times during the day.

Dentist Visits
Making regular trips to the dentist is a good way to determine if your child’s bottle or sippy cup is leading to tooth decay. Call Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry at 760-633-1131 to set up an appointment and put your child on the path toward good dental health.