Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

When you are helping your children learn about dental health, one important topic to teach them about is gum disease. It is more common for parents to teach their children about cavities and why it is important to brush their teeth, but sometimes the topic of gum disease is forgotten. For best oral health, it is important that the child learns how to brush and floss their teeth, and that flossing occurs on a daily basis.

At our pediatric dentist in Carlsbad office, we teach children about brushing and flossing, and we encourage parents to continue to educational process at home. Consistency is a learned habit, but with time children can begin to follow these habits by themselves.

If your child has a hard time holding the floss, you may consider using dental floss sticks, which are small plastic pieces that have a section with floss at the end. These sticks make it easier for the child to reach the areas between all their teeth, even the section at the back of their mouth.

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