A Pediatric Dentist in Carlsbad and Thumb Sucking

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While many children throughout the world suck their thumbs, the truth is that this practice could lead to dental problems. Thumb sucking is a natural reflex that often occurs in infants as a method of providing security and comfort. This often occurs when the child is away from his mother. I can also help to induce sleep, which is why many parents don’t discourage thumb sucking. Speak with your pediatric dentist in Carlsbad about your child’s thumb sucking habit to determine the best course of action.

When It’s an Issue
There isn’t much of an issue with young children sucking their thumbs. As was mentioned before, this is simply a method of the child comforting herself and can help to relax the child. It does become an issue, however, if the child continues to suck her thumb after the eruption of her permanent teeth. Persistent thumb sucking can lead to misaligned teeth and can hinder growth. Keep in mind that children who aggressively suck their thumbs are more likely to have problems than those who do it passively.

What You Can Do
If your child refuses to stop sucking his thumb once his permanent teeth start coming through the gums, your pediatric dentist in Carlsbad might offer a few suggestions. Remember that the child is probably doing this because he feel insecure, so focus on easing his anxiety. You might also reward your child when he doesn’t suck his thumb for a prolonged period or ask your dentist to speak with the child about the issue.

The Dentist
When thumb sucking becomes a problem, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry. You can contact them by calling 760-633-1131 and get your child in to see a professional on the matter as soon as possible.