Carlsbad Children's Dentistry

Preparing For a Visit to the Kids Dentist in Carlsbad

If you have a young child, taking her to see the kids dentist in Carlsbad is definitely a good idea.

If you have a young child, taking her to see the kids dentist in Carlsbad is definitely a good idea. The earlier you get your child in to see a dentist, the better her oral health will be. Before setting up this first appointment, however, make sure that you prepare her for everything that will […]

Toothbrush Tips From the Children’s Dentist in Encinitas

Children’s Dentist in Encinitas

Are you looking for a new toothbrush for your child? This is actually a very important decision to make, as if you end up with a brush that your child doesn’t like, it could turn brushing her teeth into a real chore. At the same time, you’ll want to choose one that will get the […]

Sports and the Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad

Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad

Does your child play sports? If so, you might be worried about the health of his teeth. After all, even non-contact sports could lead to a significant dental injury, especially in young children. Make sure that you are aware of the risks before enrolling your child in any sport and keep an eye on your […]

Extra Preventative Treatments at the Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

While you might be aware of the basic preventative treatments that are offered by the dentist for kids in Carlsbad, such as regular cleanings and dietary tips, there are some additional things that can be done to reduce cavities. Ask your dentist about these treatments, as they give your child a much better chance of […]

Comprehensive Care at the Carlsbad Pediatric Dentist

Dentist for Kids in Carlsbad

Before your child’s first appointment at the Carlsbad pediatric dentist, you might have a few questions. One of these questions might include what types of services these dentists provide. After all, these dentists specialize in the treatment of children and since children’s needs are always evolving, the dentist that you choose should provide a variety […]

Flossing Tips From the Encinitas Pediatric Dentist

Encinitas Pediatric Dentist

It’s never easy to get your kids to do something. From the minute they wake up to the second they fall asleep, it can be a struggle to keep them under control. Of course, your the dental health of your children is very important and, therefore, you must come up with a method of encouraging […]

The Kids Dentist in Encinitas and Bottled Water

Kids Dentist in Encinitas

Do your children drink bottled water? For a number of reasons, many households in the United States consume bottled water, rather than tap water. While there is nothing wrong with drinking bottled water from a health perspective, you could be missing out on oral health benefits that are found in tap water all over the […]

The Pediatric Dentist in Carlsbad and Dental Caries

Pediatric Dentist in Carlsbad

In basic terms, early childhood dental caries is a condition where a child has one or more decayed, filled, or missing tooth when under the age of 71 months. This is a significant public health problems in our society, as early childhood dental carries can lead to other long-term health problems. As a result, it […]

Toothpaste and the Dentist for Kids in Encinitas

Dentist for Kids in Encinitas

We all use toothpaste, but very few people know what it’s really made of. There are a number of different components found in everyday toothpaste, with each having its own job to do. Speak with your child’s dentist about the various components that are found in toothpaste if you want to understand exactly what is […]

The Pediatric Dentist in Encinitas Fixes Misaligned Bites

Pediatric Dentist in Encinitas

If your child has an over-bite or an under-bite, it is a good idea to have it looked at and corrected immediately. This problem might start as a small issue, but it can quickly escalate if it is not handled at a young age. Speak with your pediatric dentist in Encinitas to learn more about […]